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Hmm that is interesting - my bill is $10 higher this month than it should be. 3 months ago, I signed up for the $29.99 for 6 months deal:


However, this month it is $39.99. After chatting with an agent and getting my bill reset to $29.99, let me  you in on Comcast’s $10 recurring secret.

When you sign up for Comcast, you aren’t told you are actually signing up for a different package than what is advertised. You’ll get the next level higher package but pay the $29.99 for the first three months. After that, they bump you to $39.99 to reflect the plan you have actually been ‘given’ but didn’t actually sign up for.

Now truth be told, the technician that installed my internet let me in on this dirty trick, so I was waiting for the bill to change. That technician was the best Comcast employee I’ve ever met. I still had to contact Comcast to cancel this surcharge that isn’t advertised or told to new customers when you order your package.

How many customers are getting billed every month $10 more than they originally signed up for?

Check your bill if you ordered this package. I’m guessing you are still being over charged - and will be for the rest of your time with Comcast.


@comcastmelissa responded to my post here.

My email reply:

Hi @comcastmelissa - 

Thank you for reaching out. My issue with this policy is it is dishonest and unfair to advertise one thing, but deliver another. I’d like to see the policy changed.

I think that is a pretty fair request from a customer.

Please let me know what you find out as I will update the post to include any changes. 


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I have just been following a Twitter conversation by two of my friends - Semil Shah & Jason Putorti

@semil …and don’t forget when Facebook vesting cliff hits. Explosion of new companies and talent on the market. 

@putorti yep, w/ Quora, Path, Asana + all the angels/VCs already in place, that mafia will just grow & grow in power.

In Silicon Valley, there are mafias- the early employees from successful companies (ex. Paypal, Google, & Facebook) that became incredibly wealthy. These are some of the most respected and intelligent people in the valley. Many remain in the area to start their own venture, become a VC, or advisor to other startups.

However there have to be some that took their money, left the valley, and went home (ex. China & India). Are there any Americans that have left the valley to return to middle America? 

What happened when they took their new found wealth, knowledge, and experience, and applied it to their homelands? Did they succeed? Fail? 

With the norm in Silicon Valley being so radically different from the rest of the world, I am just wondering if there are stories of this business culture taking root elsewhere. In small pockets around the world. Places that aren’t consumed with tech news & vesting schedules. 

If you know of any, please let me know! Email or Twitter

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1. Find a tutorial

2. Do everything in the tutorial. Don’t just watch or read. Do.

3. Go back to step 1

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